Origin is an online gaming platform for PC. It is part of the EA Games, you can find games like FIFA, Need for Speed, among others.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we want to play a game but we can't because we need to buy it before, you throw away the option to play it pirate for the simple fact that there is always the possibility that it will work with errors.

1. Unused Origin Gift Card Codes List

You are here because you are looking for a way to get some game at no cost. Finally you are in the right place, here you can get and claim Origin Gift Card Code to redeem it in the official store for free.


Please report if the code is already claimed. Click here to make a report.

How does Origin Gift Card List Codes Generator work?

Our Origin Gift Card Generator shows you a list of codes available to claim and redeem on Origin. Every day we collect codes from different communities, sweepstakes and gifts over the Internet and these are added to our server's database so that can be accessed by everyone.

To access the list, you just have to enter our generator, select the amount, make the query and wait for the code list to load completely. Select the card you want and claim it immediately.

It is real?

Usually, you've entered code generators that only generate random codes and don't end up working.

Every time you use our generator, you create a query to our database and the algorithm selects the best available and unused codes for you.

It is safe?

Completely safe, we will not ask you for personal information about yourself or your EA Games or Origin account. We seriously care about your security and privacy so that you can get the code you need.

We make sure most codes are valid and unused, in context, each of ten claimed gift cards are valid and redeemable

2. Online Giveaways

In the official Origin Reddit subforum, you can win giveaways to win a gift card for Origin without paying anything. You have to register and be aware of new posts.


3. Special offers, gifts and discounts

Like other online gaming platforms, you can get your favorite games and take advantage of discounts or gifts that this great company makes. For some time now, they have given away games like Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012, some FIFA and many others.

To find the free games that are currently being offered, you can go to the official Origin website and enter "free games" in the search engine. You can see the games that are being promoted for free and that you can play without any problem