Free Netflix Gift Cards

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service where you can watch films and series in high definition. It has categories in content of action, comedy, romance, terror and more much.

Netflix has millions of active users around the world, thanks to this success, Netflix took the initiative to offer other services, like the production own films and series, exclusive for its platform.

Likewise, many users unfortunately do not have enough money to be able to pay the monthly subscription, that is why, in this article, we will explain you how to get gift cards for Netflix without paying anything and enjoy months of Netflix Account.

Unused Netflix Gift Card Codes

What about that movie you want to see in the comfort of your home with someone special? But you don't have enough funds to pay your own Netflix account. This, for you, is no longer a problem with our Netflix codes list, you can get as many times as you want and redeem the code in your account to cover the membership.

Due to high web traffic, it is possible that some codes are already claimed or redeemed.

ID Netflix Gift Codes Status
1 3O81N431629 Claimed
2 Y29B5095841 Available
3 KOYKJ529130 Available
4 ZANCK627140 Claimed
5 WXRUQ359864 Claimed

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How it works?

Millions of users search daily on Netflix to watch movies and series from home or smartphones, anywhere and without restrictions. That is why Netflix is the best streaming website for movies and series in the world.

Our system displays a list of valid and unused codes that you can claim and redeem on your Netflix account. Every day we add new codes to the database that we get through sweepstakes and gifts in different communities on Internet.

In our generator, you'll get Netflix Gift Cards from $10, $20 to $50 USD, so you can cover a considerable amount of months of membership.

It is safe?

Yes, it's completely safe to use, we will not ask you for personal, confidential information that may harm you. We ensure that all codes that are added to the database are valid and unused, eight out of ten claimed codes are valid and are successfully redeemed on Netflix accounts thanks to our system.

Human verification is needed?

No, no human verification is needed to get Netflix Gift Cards from the list, however, to protect our database from DDoS attacks, usually anti-DDoS system will need to verify you are not a bot or an attacker. This happens when our website is collapsed and there are thousands of users connected simultaneously.

How to get Free Netflix Gift Card Codes

In this article, we will show you the best ways to get Netflix gift card codes legally and fast without any problem.

30 Days Free Trial

This is one of the most used methods, but some do not know how the trick, is to use a credit card or debit and before ending the 30 days cancel the service.

The problem is that you can't use the credit card twice the test month. To fix it, you must create and use several virtual credit cards with low amounts and then use the free trial month.

Although it is not the most "legal" so to speak, it is something that you can take advantage while you don't have enough funds to pay for it.


Other of the most reliable methods, is to get on your social networks like Instagram or Twitter, giveaways Netflix accounts.

These are the hashtags with more publications that are mostly givewawys and offer accounts doing task like: follow accounts, share and comment any post.

  1. #freenetflix
  2. #netflixaccounts
  3. #netflixgiftcards
  4. #netflixpremium

Share accounts

One of the safe methods is to share an account with friends with different profiles, so you can share the cost and pay a lower amount

Netflix Watch Free

One of Netflix's strategies to get new customers, is Netflix at no cost, where you can watch first chapters of a limited catalogue of series and movies, you can access from the following link:

This strategy was made so that the potential user can see Netflix without having a membership. More series and more movies are added to watch for free.

Do Netflix Code Generator Works?

It is very likely that in your search of methods or ways to get gift cards for Netflix, you have visited a website that promises to generate Netflix codes in a few steps and in a few minutes.

Unfortunately, this method does not work, because it is only random numbers and letters generated by a computer algorithm, which only wastes your time.

Netflix Gift Card Amounts

These are the most common amounts you'll find in the most popular stores in your country:

Country Amount
US $25, $60, $100
EU 15€, 30€, 50€
UK £25, £50, £100

Some stores offer less common amounts and lower amounts.